Controlling hair loss after bariatric surgery

Hair loss after bariatric surgeries is temporary and often the hair regains its ability to grow naturally after several months after the weight reaches a steady state, but the persistence of hair loss for a longer period of 6 months may be evidence of other medical condition or is linked to the surgeonۀ and the condition of the hair may improve after treating the cause. It requires supplementation and checks if the period increases.

Nutritional Supplements: Eating nutritional supplements does not prevent or treat temporary hair loss after ghee surgery.

The substance minoxidil, known in the market as (basil or lunditaine), is a substance that reduces blood pressure due to its expanded effect.

For blood vessels, it can therefore be used to treat hair for its stimulating effect on hair growth by prolonging the growth phase by improving the blood circulation to the hair follicles. This substance is found in topical preparations for the treatment of hereditary alopecia, where it increases the rates of hair growth, but failure to continue treatment for the necessary period may lead to hair loss again. Hair Back spray

Side effects of treatment with this substance:

The appearance of hair in undesirable places for women

Vascular disorders

Body retention

Finasteride: a hormonal treatment for baldness, but for men only, is available in the form of tablets taken orally for the treatment of hereditary alopecia and is not suitable for the treatment of other types of hair loss and its effectiveness is equal to the effectiveness of minoxidil in the treatment of alopecia

Side effects of finasteride treatment: It is undesirable for a while because it is a hormone.
Surgical treatment of hair loss.

In some cases of hair loss, such as hair transplants, but it is advisable to wait for at least two years after the operations of ghee before hair transplantation, so that we allow the hair to regrow after growth in weight.

Controlling hair loss after bariatric surgery
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